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Hip Replacement Surgery Cost [2023]

Understand the costs of a hip replacement surgery at a private hospital in Singapore and how your insurance plans can pay for a significant amount of your medical bills. 

Dr Kau is on the panel for the majority of local insurers. You will be able to enjoy benefits at Dr Kau’s clinic if you have purchased your Integrated Shield Plan from AIA, Prudential, HSBC Life, Great Eastern, or Singlife.

How Much Does A Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in Singapore?

A total hip replacement surgery in a private hospital in Singapore can cost between $40,114 – $50,207

This figure may differ depending on the complexity of the procedure, if a partial hip replacement is recommended instead or the type of ward chosen. For more information, visit the MOH Benchmark Fee page or get in touch with our clinic and our friendly team will be able to assist and advise you accordingly.

Is Hip Replacement Surgery Fully Covered By Insurance?

In most cases, with an Integrated Shield Plan, a significant amount of your hip replacement surgery cost can be covered but it will not be fully covered. As part of MOH guidelines, patients must pay a minimum of 5% co-payment. 

If you have purchased a rider for your Integrated Shield Plan, your deductibles and co-payment amounts will differ from a plan without a rider. Below is an example of the out-of-pocket fee patients will have to pay depending on their type of plan.


Example: If a medical bill of a hip replacement surgery is $45,000:

 No RiderRider


(after subtracting deductibles)


(10% co-payment)


(5% co-payment)

Total paid by patient$7650$2250

Will I Have To Pay An Up-Front Cash Deposit First?

Dr Kau is on the panel for the majority of local insurers. If your Integrated Shield Plan is under any of these insurers, you can request a Letter of Guarantee, which will cover the cost of any up-front deposit and you may not be required to pay any cash.

Are Pre-Operative And Post-Operative Hip Replacement Care Covered By Insurance?

Any pre or post-operative care like physiotherapy is covered by the Integrated Shield Plan only if it is done in-patient at a private hospital.

Any pre and post operative consultations with Dr Kau are also covered on a reimbursement basis. Patients will first have to pay these consultations by cash. They will then be reimbursed once their claim has been sent to the respective insurers.

Disclaimer: Every patient’s condition is distinct, and as a result, costs can differ based on various factors, including the treatment’s complexity, preferred ward, and whether it involves day surgery or inpatient care. The cost estimates provided are in accordance with MOH’s guidelines. It is important to note that the final cost of your treatment may also be influenced by the specific terms and coverage of your insurance plan. Please consult with our team for a more personalised and accurate cost assessment based on your unique circumstances.

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Insurance Partners

We collaborate with most major insurance partners in Singapore to ensure our patients’ peace of mind in their treatment journey. We understand the importance of financial considerations and offer assistance and financing information to our patients. Please reach out to our staff and we will be happy to provide you with the information you require.

Patient Feedbacks

Dr Kau was very careful and explained clearly the surgery procedures. After surgery, the care while I was in hospital was closely monitored and he even came during weekends! The hip so far has recovered and healed. His ‘predictions’ of when what can happen are so accurate. Trust him.

Ming Lee Chua

Dr. Kau is an exemplary doctor who is experienced in his field and is very patient with his patients. He walked me through the details of my knee condition and addressed all my concerns. Thanks to Dr. Kau, I had a better understanding of my ACL and MCL injury and the various treatment options available. His advice and treatment have been very valuable to me.

Ethan Chan

I had a very successful total hip replacement done by Dr Kau 4 years ago. 4 months after the operation I was back walking, cycling and swimming. The beautiful job gave me much confidence Dr Kau is most professional and has such great doctor patient communication.

Teo Pek Suan Diana

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